Can't access mixpanel from VPN?

  • 9 May 2020
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I always use a VPN because I regularly work from different shared networks. When I’m on my VPN, mixpanel doesn’t load. I just get a blank white screen. If I do “view source” there is code there, though. I’m using NordVPN. 

Any ideas to fix this? I don’t like the idea of turning off my VPN every time I need to go to Mixpanel. 

1 reply

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Hi there! From a brief search, it looks like NordVPN blocks trackers which might explain why you can’t load anything while on VPN. 

It’s possible that NordVPN could be blocking all traffic from/to the domain

If you’re able to personalize this firewall/blocker for your account, you can whitelist Mixpanel moving forward.

If there isn’t an option for you to personalize firewalls/blockers and it’s a general setting across all users using NordVPN, you can possibly reach out to them and let them know that Mixpanel performs all our tracking with the following endpoints: and They could block just those hosts instead of blocking all general access to

I hope this helps a bit!