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  • 15 September 2021
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I’d like to rename some of the events that appear on the Activity Feed based on their properties.

For instance, let’s say I have a Screen View event for every screen in my app, and each Screen View comes with a screen_name property.

Is there any way I could rename the events Screen View that appear in the Activity Feed, so that instead of that name I could see “Screen View: Onboarding”, “Screen View: Sign up” without having to expand the parameters for each event?

It’s almost impossible to understand which path a user has taken in a certain session just by looking at the event names, and it’s definitely helpful to get unique insights about their behaviour.

Thank you for your help!



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Great question.  One way to achieve this is to utilize Mixpanel’s custom events feature.  This way you can specify events based on the page property.  To build a custom event, click here:


Then you would just need to name and build the custom event like this:


Hope this would work for you!



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Hi Matt,

Unfortunately Custom Events don’t seem to fix my problem. Even though they work properly in Insights report (like your printscreens show) nothing happens in the User Activity Feed...

Could you kindly elaborate if Activity Feed should have changed when Custom Events are created? And if so, what might my problem be?

Thanks a bunch!

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@mattvanwinkle sorry for pinging you, this issue is marked as “solved” for a couple of days but as mentioned in my previous comment I don’t feel like it has fixed my problem.

I feel the “Solved” status could be hindering potential solutions from showing up :)


We structure our events the same. A generic event name of “Page Viewed” or “Pop Up Dismissed” event with a property called Page: Enrollment Page to detail which Page this event is fired from.  Also, a Page viewed event on one page may collect 10 properties, but another may only collect 5.  

This keeps things simple for us, but makes it very complicated to use the build in data dictionary tool Lexicon where it would appear as 1 row of Page Event and all possible properties that are captured.  Lexicon is not helpful for our Product Managers and Analysts who simply want to use the Lexicon feature to see what events we capture on what page (i.e. a property called Page) and only the relevant properties. 

I know this doesn’t help with your original question (that I hope you get addressed BTW) but wondering if you use the built in Lexicon tool and if you have any recommendations on how you’ve managed this?