100K+ MTU on FREE Plan

  • 13 July 2022
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Hello. I’m new in Mixpanel and want to know what it can give me before upgrading free plan. 
So i have integrated everything and my current plan is FREE one. 
There is a limit on it - 100K MTU.
My question is, what if I will have more MTU by having FREE plan? 
Will I get charged?  Why(I mean just stop tracking until next month?  How much i will charged? 
What else should I know in this case? 



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2 replies

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Hi there - 


Welcome to Mixpanel!

 If you send more data points than your free plan allows:

  • Mixpanel will continue to collect your data - including data sent while over quota.
  • After an account exceeds the free quota, you will retain access to your reports for 5 days. After 5 days, you must purchase a paid plan to regain access.
  • Data allowances are reset every month. You will also regain access to Mixpanel when the limit resets the following month.

Hope this helps.

Hello. I also have an inquiry about the free plan.
If the number of events exceeds 100k mtu, should I select and purchase 100k of a paid plan (ex. growth plan)?
And, is access restricted only to reports after an account exceeds the free quota?